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Megabass Vision 100 SW GG Cruising Blue
Megabass Vision 100 SW GG Cruising Blue
  • Manufactured by: Megabass

Price:   €28.00  €18.00

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Details: The third vision has finally arrived. The Vision 100 is a new generation of real flat sided shallow cranking. This lure also works well in shallow water via real cranking. Its unique flat sided body and internal gyro-balancer system gives a butterfly wobbling effect in an impressive staggered dancing movement. This proves espeially effective in shallow cranking since the lure has a palm slap effect. The movable fin utilizes memory shape plastic that serves to agitate the water with a rolling motion. Twitching yeilds a highly responsive panic action. Vision 100 is great for bass, but is also yeilds unbeatable performance for catching seabass. It has the best points of both minnowing and crank baiting and in fact is the perfect blend of both techiniques. As a new generation of a hybrid plug, it has finally made its debut with a bubble header design version of those handmade jigs having amazing records in fish catching performance. It starts fluttering at a dizzying speed when sinking and darts back and forth by quick jerk. Even for bass fishing, the Vision 100 is amazingly effective for bubbling water strike fishing or jerks or vertical drops.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 07 November, 2013.